Manchu bow

Production with delivery takes 14-21 days from ordering

Czech product

The bow is built according to Chinese Manchu reflex bows, but from modern materials. The bows are very durable all-laminate, wooden parts are made of hard acacia.

  • 28lbs when drawn 29 inches, speed 25g arrows 48m/s
  • 22lbs when drawn up to 32 inches, speed 25g arrow  42/m/s

It can be used for larp, recreationally, and as a riding bow. Thanks to the optimal draw strength, it is also suitable for beginners, adolescents or women.


  • For 22lb-25lb strength: wooden: 75cm-80cm, carbon: 30-32inch, Spin 600-700
  • For 28lb strength: wooden: 75cm, carbon: 30-32inch, Spin 500 - 600

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2,800.00 Kč