Russian bow

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Czech product

Double-angled siyahs give this bow a typical shape. The length of the siyahs shortens the shoulders, which then increase the strength of the bow. Fiberglass reflective bows are maximally deformed during winding

  • String length 135-137cm (Fast Flight, Spectra, Fast String)
  • Draw length 28-30 inches
  • Arrow speed up to 50m/s


  • For 30b strength: wooden: 75cm, carbon: 28-31.5inch, Spin 600 - 700
  • For 35lb strength: wooden: 75cm, carbon/carbon mix: 28-31.5inch,Spin 400 - 500

It is not recommended to remove the bowstring with this bow, it is not needed here.

String shock absorbers are not part of the bow, you can order them in our e-shop.

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3,190.00 Kč

Centering a bow with long Siahs

In a bow with long Siahs, it is important to make sure that the bow is properly aligned and the bowstring passes through the middle of the bow. If the bow is not straightened, you will lose the bow. For bows where the bowstring is removed, you must straighten the bow after each deployment before you start shooting. For bows where the bowstring is not removed, it is necessary to check the bowstring for the first 3 months, before each shooting, but I recommend to always look to be sure if the bow is aligned and the bowstring passes through the center of the bow.