Mongol bow

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Manufacturer AF Archery

Fiberglass bow in the style of the Mongolian bow of the 16th-19th centuries, the style coincides with the Manchu bows, has a similar geometry.

The modern material of the flat arms is complemented by a foam flange of the D profile so that the oscillations of the flange after the shot are damped.

Siahs are almost perpendicular and have a so-called bridge. This geometry, similar to the Qing bow (Manchu), leads to a better distribution of force during drawing - at the beginning the bow is stiffer, steeper, after releasing the bowstring from bridges, the bow de facto becomes longer and the pull does not grow so steeply.

  • For 20-30lb strength: wooden: 75cm, carbon: 30-32inch, Spin 600-700
  • For 30lb or more: wooden: 75cm, carbon/carbon mix: 28-31.5inch, Spin 400 - 500

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