Development of a quiver from the Mihai Cozmei original, quiver-wolf patron


Each quiver is an original handmade from genuine leather.

These are prototypes and there is only one piece for sale.

By purchasing this quiver you will support the development of this quiver to its final form, which will be available only in our e-shop. The prototype of the quiver, Toulec-Wolf Patron v. 01-xx, is for sale after 3 weeks of testing Erenhill-Wolf Patron - you can watch it YOUTUBE link - Click here for development play list

Each version of the prototype will be available for sale the fastest in 3 weeks from the publication of the article - 3 weeks are for testing and obtaining information for the next version.

The amount will be stated for each prototype separately.


My goal is to create a quiver suitable for rapid shooting, both from a static position and from movement. Let's say a combined quiver at the waist, which solves rapid shooting in any form.

I come from the model of Mihai Cozmei, as you all know, it is my archery pattern and just this quiver that I used I liked very much and therefore I decided that I want to raise it to a higher level, and our joint work I want to achieve the best quiver ever invented,

Everyone can participate in the development of the quiver, Although there is always only one quiver for sale, but you can also help by a direct donation to the account, and write in the note the development of the Quiver-Wolf patron.

Our first final, Quiver-Wolf Patron, will be sent to Mr. Mihai Cozmei as a gift!

Participants in development

People who got a discount on the final version of the Wanderer-Wolf Patron

Support Toulec-Wolf Patron V01


Support Quiver-Wolf Patron V02

If you want to help and support us, you can also support us with a financial donation and put the Development of the Quiver and your name in the administration for the recipient,
People with donations over 3000 CZK also receive a 50% discount on the final quiver. And it will appear in this list.

Thank you all for participating in this lengthy project.