Quiver-Wolf Patron version 01


Each quiver is an original handmade from genuine leather.

These are prototypes, and there is only one piece for sale.

Anyone who buys a prototype as part of the quiver development will automatically receive a 50% discount on the final version of the "Quiver-Wolf Patron", as a thank you that thanks to his help we were able to finish this quiver!

A list of people who supported this project can be found in the introductory article.

By purchasing this quiver you will support the development of this quiver to its final form, which will be available only in our e-shop. Prototype quiver "Quiver-Wolf Patron v. 01-xx,, is for sale after 3 weeks of testing Erenhill - Wolf Patron - you can watch it on YOUTUBE link - Click here for development playlist

Quiver-Wolf Patron 01

It will be for sale for 3000 CZK, here in the article it will be added to the baskets