Larp and woodsheds


Larpis a specific kind of role-based game. In these games, each player is assigned the role of a character that they portray during the play, similar to actors in a theater. Unlike theatre, however, players do not play for the spectator, but for themselves and their teammates.

Each character has a created character that the player acts on their behalf and their game goals, which they try to achieve within this role. Through mutual conversations, interaction and acting improvisation, players then develop the story of which their characters are a part. The denouement of the whole story is usually not fixed and it is entirely up to the players how they decide to solve the game situations in the roles.


The spectrum of larps that are played in the Czech Republic and around the world is wide and individual larps can be very different in many respects. They may differ in their theme, genre, number of participants, duration, game rules or the environment of the game itself.

Larps can be seen as a movement, drama or experiential activity. These elements – as well as the undeniable features of the play that separate larp from theatre – are present in every larp, but their degree and mutual balance vary. Since it is a relatively young leisure activity, there is no clear definition of larp or a unified opinion about it; nor among the participants themselves.


Larps bring their players fun and creative use of free time. Although this is not their original intention, they also indirectly support personality development, improve communication and rhetorical skills and lead players to take responsibility for their decisions in a safe game environment.

Abroad, larp has a wider use than just as a leisure activity. Especially in Scandinavia, larp is a common element of education in education, an artistic direction and one of the forms of social manifesto. In the Czech Republic, larps are still almost exclusively creative social entertainment.


Behind this name there is actually nothing too different from ordinary fencing or fighting with weapons. In some characters, however, it differs from the historical, modern or scenic.

Weapons are mostly handmade and softened, usually using a sleeping pad, mirelon, duct tape and other aids. Their absolute safety is checked by the organizers before each fight. A blow with such a weapon must not harm the opponent in any way.

Participants are dressed in thematic costumes, the appearance of which depends on the theme of the woodshed. Their production is carried out by many players themselves, but in the Czech Republic there are a number of online and brick-and-mortar stores and manufacturers offering this equipment.

There is a plethora of topics for woodsheds, often they are also combined with LARP on a selected topic. The Post Mortem group took part in battles such as the Battle of Alesia, Ragnarök, Battle of Moria, the Doriath Wars and others. A frequently treated theme is historical battles, but also fantasy ones.

Woodworks are a great experience and a pleasant diversification of everyday life for those of all ages, which will bring participants closer to history, historical combat and medieval or fantasy life.