Children's camps

The idea of this children's camp is to teach children survival techniques using the most primitive methods.

For example, in a clay oven, which is made only of clay, water and straw, we will make cups, plates, or bowls only from clay.

Making a fire with a bow or flintlock.

And many others, I would briefly call this a modern scout!

Make a fire, build a shelter, learn which plants are edible and which are not. We will make our clay dishes, bricks, or hand tools. If they are interested, they can learn to shoot bows, and everything will take place in a larp village, where we have the idea that every child would have a role, everyone would play their character and develop their imagination.

Children should also have free time that they could spend on woodsheds,

Support for children from children's homes or low-income families

A program to support children from children's homes or for low-income parents, this would always be a limited number of children and would be conditional on grades and behavioral grades to reward children who really try.