Our plans

What worries us

The biggest pity is that the kids don't know the games outside, bunker building, larp of my childhood years.

Larp is currently adult entertainment, and it would be nice if children were involved in this fun, of course it is clear that the battle parts must be separate for children, but the play part, the so-called story part, can be merged.

Nowadays, children do not know anything other than mobile phones, tablets, computers, I hang out on the street making a mess, My idea is to lead a lot of children to Larp, for example, It supports children's creativity, movement in the fresh air, it occupies them to a large extent in terms of time, but in a good way.

HEALTH is the greatest gift we can give to children and to ourselves

In Japan, they have a treatment that is called something like this: forest treatment /shinrin-yoku/

Shinrin-joku or forest bath is the current trend of spending time in the forest to improve physical and mental well-being. The practice is very simple – you can hug trees, walk barefoot on grass or just consciously and intensely breathe clean air. You will definitely wonder what impact this medicine can have. You will manage to lower blood pressure and stress, increase your immune system and energy, and reconnect with the power of nature. 

In short: Our program developed in 5 phases is fully compatible with the latest research and tradition of Japanese healing.

An individual does not change anything

It doesn't matter how many good ideas you have, or how you would like to improve our environment, if you are behind it yourself,

That's why I created this e-shop and wrote down a precise plan of what I want to do in what order and I will be very happy for everyone who supports us,

You can support us

  • by purchasing promotional products you will donate the entire amount received - for Project 1-5 phase
  • by purchasing other products you will donate 10% of the amount received - for Project 1-5 phase
  • Watching, distributing and subscribing to Youtube channels
  • you will donate 50% of the amount received to photographing with wolves - for Project 1-5 phase
  • direct sponsorship

Plan 1/5

  • in 1 phase Shooting range common outdoor for bows and crossbows of all types.
  • In 2 phase connection 3D archery and tournament environment.
  • in the 3rd phase of the extension of the land to the creation of Larp. Creation of a village, a market and more for the play part, and for the action part of the WOODWORKS, a few scenes and a reserved place where both children and adults could have fun.
  • in the 4th phase of the expansion of a children's camp with activities of PRIMITIVE SKILLS and SURVIVAL (modern scout), they would learn how to make a fire, which plants are for eating, which are not, how to build a shelter, they would learn to shoot from a bow and so on.

Together with the children's camp, I envision a program to support children from children's homes or for parents with low incomes, it would always be a limited number of children and it would be conditional on the benefit and mark from behavior to reward children who really try. We would definitely finance it partly by us, and secondly, I think that there will be organizations, companies or people who would like to participate in the financing.

  • In Phase 5 of the expansion to include farm animals that would be housed in the LARP village (sheep, goats, chickens, geese, horses and others), these animals will not only be a functional part of the LARP, but also fully involved in the activities of the children from the camp to learn as much as possible about these animals and the benefits and we will certainly learn some of the things that are done with their help.