Archery school - this is only an option that could be realized

The goal is definitely to transform this shooting range into something bigger, to acquire art and spread it across generations, to participate with whole families and create traditions.

My Beginning of Archery

When I wanted to buy my first bow, I encountered 2 problems. The first: no one in any shop gave me a bow to try in my hand, so I could not test the draw force of the bow or the length of the draw so that the bow would fit in my hand. So my first bow had to be improvisation and risk profit.

Second : the problem is that if a person from the city has nowhere to shoot,

What to do?

And that's why I decided to do a shooting range with 3D archery, where people will be able to try different types of bows with a strength of 10 pounds to 35 pounds before buying a bow to make it easier for them to get started.

I want this shooting range to be fully open to the public, for all-day shooting at both regular, mobile and 3D archery targets.

The Problem of Our Time

Today's children can't hold their attention for more than 3 minutes, what do you think is the cause of this? Achievements of today, mobile phones and other electronics! Archery is one of the sports that teaches children patience, maintaining attention, supports them in staying in nature, at the same time there is a permanent strengthening of both body and soul.

All our projects are created to be beneficial for our children long into the future and to effectively fight the modern era that is trying to deprive our children of independent thinking and take away their ability to survive, in our programs we will try to return these abilities to children.

In the tab Our plans, 4 of our 5 plans are presented in order of how we proceed.

Support us

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