Vlčí patroni / Wolf patrons

We are a non-profit organization focused on leisure activities,

Children are our future

Children's camps, modern scout. We want to show the children as many things as possible, as it was done before. In the area we plan not only archery, bread ovens, we will show and learn how to make cups, bowls or bricks, we will learn which plants we can eat and which not, which plants are good tea, or how to make a rope in nature, for example, from nettles.


Larp is amazing in that it can be played by anyone from the time they stand on their feet, for the rest of their lives! In our young years, we commonly played various fictional or film characters, such as Robin Hood, Knights, princesses, wizards and others. and this is LARP and we want to give this to our children, tear them away from the virtual world and show them a real game and develop their thinking and imagination.

More info in the LARP tab.


Nowadays full of hustle and bustle, it is very important to have a place where you can relax, switch off or just disappear from the city.

Everyone deals with it differently and we also want to help a few people with this.

What to do with it?

We decided to create a multi-point plan to help as many people of all ages as possible.


In this amazing sport can be combined all ages, whether recreationally and competitively.

Some people take archery just as a relaxation, for example, the Japanese are not interested in shooting the best, for them it is a ritual of calming the soul, in translation something in the sense that your soul is as calm as the surface of water on a windless day.

Shooting range

At the shooting range it will be possible to shoot from all types of bows, crossbows, pistol crossbows and even throw knives or throwing stars.

3D targets are already different, surely only bows will be allowed there so that 3D targets are not destroyed too quickly.


Woodsheds are mostly connected to Larp. This is a battle part of a fictional world, with safe weapons. Surely this game is better for our children than playing games on PC, playstation or mobiles. Better a bruise than brainwashed electronics that are all around us.

More info in tab Woodworks.


We want farm animals in the area so that not only children but also Larparers can work with these animals.

There will definitely be sheep, goats, chickens, geese or a cow or a horse in our farm.

The animals will be placed in the Larp village, to which the children of the camp will have access. We want children to see how sheep's wool is made into a rope or a coat, that eggs are from hens and are really better from hens than from the market, that we make arrows or pillows out of goose feathers, and that goats and cows give milk that does not come from the store.

Support us

You can support us by purchasing promotional items, distributing our website, youtube channel, cooperation, production of items or costumes for sale, or direct sponsorship.